Cyber Security

Achieving necessary compliances and identifying the appropriate controls are the starting point for delivering the outcomes that leading global organizations demand.

The challenges we most commonly encounter include:

  • Outdated security solutions
  • Vendor promises with light interchange or no true integration
  • No “SPoG” (single pane of glass) providing ‘executive-readable’ threat intelligence
  • Sophisticated cyberthreats
  • Increasingly far-reaching compliance requirements
  • Myopic Standards and Policies weakening privacy and trust

Faced with these and other security challenges, today’s executives need a proactive partner who can anticipate and neutralize threats before they materialize. REVISION recognizes very strongly our responsibilities and accountability in holding our partner organizations in compliance and prepared for audit.  Our strategic workshops combine deep domain and industry expertise with a future-focused approach that encompass advisory, transformation and potentially managed services. We provide proven frameworks and crosswalks to offer the foresight and expertise to solve your most complex challenges. By providing a 360-degree view of your organization’s security ecosystem, REVISION can identify and help eliminate today’s blind spots—while also predicting and solving for the threats ahead—so you can accelerate business innovation, transformation and growth with less risk.

We offer the following cyber security services:

Virtual CISO

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer, or vCISO, is an experienced professional who works regularly with various organizations to provide all of the essential cyber security support and guidance that would be expected from an in-house senior executive within a more efficient and affordable service model. A CISO can provide accessibility to cyber security support and guidance, along with long-term security strategy, vision, program & policy design, and implementation.

Security Assessments

REVISION’s team of consultants use their expertise in security assessment, compliance, and authorization to analyze threats to cloud and on-premise systems based on their likelihood of occurrence. By combining known threats, architectural design, and the probability of occurrence with mitigation and risk transference strategies, we’re able to provide a clear representation of an organization’s risk posture.

We conduct an initial risk assessment and provide services and solutions for continuous risk assessments. We have performed assessments of complex multi-level secure systems, small, dedicated systems, cloud-based services, and e-commerce systems. Our consultants have assisted customers such as international airports and city and customer governments with insider incident investigations and with other security incident crosswalks.

Compliance Assessments

Organizations that need to comply with industry and government standards for IT security can turn to REVISION to assure that they can meet them. We’ve served federal and defense agencies, as well as other state and local government partners with capabilities for assessing and evaluating their systems in advance of audits and testing for security authorization.  REVISION can provide also compliance with regulatory requirements in the commercial sector such as GLBA, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Customer Outcomes

Denver International Airport (DEN)

The REVISION Security practice performed assessments revealing areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement for this fast-moving airport with multiple compliance requirements. REVISION’s work has been the foundation for the Airports’ security program.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Architected, implemented, and supported all aspect of security infrastructure associated with key Airport assets


The REVISION Security Practice provided both an interim CISO and an assessment of the existing security control platforms and implementations for one of the largest US Power Providers with ever increasing critical infrastructure compliance requirements. Given the SCADA reporting infrastructure that must be held segregated and impervious to external attack, the result was an overall […]

STP (Nuclear Operating Company)

REVISION provided Security Program Management Assessment uncovering and helping management of security vulnerabilities

More Customer Outcomes

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