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IT Operations

REVISION has deep experience enabling organizations to simplify and modernize their IT operations and to maximize operational agility.

The challenges we frequently encounter include:

  • Increased demand and requirements coupled with a shrinking budget
  • Customers who continually request higher levels of service from IT
  • Stakeholders requiring more focus on business services rather than on operations
  • Effectively enabling customers to take advantage of technology without having to consult with IT departments
  • Difficulty responding to issues in the environment in a timely and organized manner
  • Handing off issue resolution to multiple groups or individuals on a regular basis

We offer the following IT Operations services

Service Management

Service Management is a customer-focused approach to delivering IT services centered on providing value to the customer and the customer relationship. REVISION’s ITSM assessment services identify areas that need improvement and optimization; we can focus on a single service management area, a single service delivery area, or your entire IT function. A REVISION ITSM assessment will pinpoint the steps you need to take to make your organization’s Service Management vision a reality.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management establishes and maintains consistent performance and functionality for your IT assets by making sure they are known and tracked at all times, including future changes. REVISION has the tools to help improve everything from service uptime and reliability all the way to a smooth recovery in the event of a disaster.

Event Management

Event Management helps organizations prevent service outages by relying on consistent and streamlined monitoring tools and consolidation of information to provide actionable insights used to avoid potential issues before they begin. REVISION can help your organization take a more proactive approach to managing technology issues, offering a more reliable and consistent experience for your customers.

Operational Intelligence

Automating IT environments has grown over the last few years as a way to streamline IT Operations. REVISION can help you determine low-risk areas and a clear roadmap to begin automating your operations without introducing risk to your environment. We integrate data analytics and business intelligence insights into your day-to-day operations to enable your organization to deliver new functions and services faster and more effectively.

Service Desk

Effective IT Operations Management can help reduce and streamline service desk workloads and backlogs by improving reliability and availability of self-service options on the customer end as well as simplify processes and structures on the back end to more effectively solve common problems upfront before they cause major disruption for your customers.

Customer Outcomes