Advanced Technology Infrastructure Solutions

Don’t get trapped by static, outdated methodologies

Let REVISION lead you through a true technology transformation for your business

Why Does Technology Transformation Matter To Your Business?

  • Increased agility as companies can move faster on projects by identifying and replacing the legacy systems that are impeding their business the most

  • Reduces the complexity of managing numerous storage platforms across multiple geographical areas

  • Secure networked devices from core to edge using next generation software defined networking that can run over existing networks

  • Eliminate older IT systems which will be out of compliance with new and evolving standards and regulations

  • AVOID THE COST OF owning and maintaining your own infrastructure by effectively leveraging the cloud and IaaS

  • Enable your workforce to operate seamlessly from the office to the airport and anywhere in between with advanced cloud applications and desktops

Cloud Computing

REVISION’s Approach to Cloud Computing

REVISION partners with all leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google GCP. Additionally, we have specialty partners that provide services such as FedRAMP compliant data centers and secure networking platforms, that can enable hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities. This allows for seamless orchestration of workloads between on-premise compute and cloud-based platforms. Our specialized networking and storage technologies such as Dispersive and Panzura allow for these services to be automated in a highly secure manner. We can convert legacy workloads to modern DevSecOps cloud-based workloads utilizing our transformation services.

Advanced Networking

REVISION’s Approach to Advanced Networking

REVISION specializes in designing and implementing advanced computer networks, both large and small. There is no charge for the first network consultation. After the initial design for your network, we’ll help you select which software best optimizes your work environment, based on a detailed needs assessment. We’ll also help you with software licensing, monitoring, and internet bandwidth tuning, to ensure your business is up and running smoothly and stays that way.

On existing networks, REVISION can conduct a thorough, documented network audit. We’ll determine your needs and recommend hardware, software and connectivity changes, to ensure that your system is providing you with the highest level of service possible. We also provide our clients with 24/7 support, including Remote Access Support. We have a suite of specialized SDN (Software Defined Networking) components such as, Dispersive Networking and Panzura, that can both secure your network and storage, as well as accelerate and improve the networking experience for all users.

At REVISION, our main goal is to deliver the highest level of customer service to our clients by providing state-of-the-art technical expertise in a timely and efficient manner.

Data Storage

REVISION’s Approach to Data Storage

Data storage in today’s business environment has never been more challenging, with the increased reliance on information technology and communications. Resilient and immutable storage is more critical than ever, for businesses and agencies of all sizes.

The storage capacity requirements for many companies are increasing at astounding rates with costs rapidly exceeding the growth rates for most IT budgets. In addition, compliance standards and regulations for storage standards are becoming more rigorous. Most companies are working with older legacy IT systems, and their backup and restore processes do not meet modern requirements. Disaster recovery objectives are costlier, and do not meet compliance due to the growing number of applications served. Dispersed technology increases management overhead and complexity of maintenance and upgrades.

REVISION has a solution to these problems though our partner Panzura. Panzura’s Cloud FS provides a near instantaneous replication of files throughout a client’s network. This network can include both cloud storage and co-located and on-premise within the client’s own data center. These different storage methodologies are blended into a single storage cloud, accessible by any user, anywhere on the network. Additionally, this network is immutable and files are not deleted or overwritten. Files are also retained for as long as the client desires. This makes cloud FS suitable for government, legal, and medical files, where compliance is required and audited, examples include HIPPA, SOC2, FIPS, and SOX.

Although the conventional approach to storage on co-located systems still applies to today’s IT environment, advanced storage techniques and services have allowed for more efficient data storage through the use of new technologies such as virtualization, cloud storage, and advanced storage methodologies.

Help Desk Services

REVISION assists our clients in need of Help Desk Services, providing support to customers in the form of troubleshooting, issue prioritization, problem-solving, and user assistance. Our solutions include leveraging our technical experience where to assist in resolving complex hardware and software issues. Our help desk operators have experience in range from providing basic technical support over the phone, online chat, or via email, to more in-depth troubleshooting, problem-solving, including ordering of computers, peripherals, spare/replacement parts and supplies.  REVISION can also provide Helpdesk ticketing/issue tracking and reporting services for clients to ensure their SLAs with their users and stakeholders