Enterprise Governance

Governance ensures that enterprise objectives are achieved by evaluating customer and stakeholder needs, conditions and options. Governance sets future direction and enables the future through prioritization and decision-making and monitors performance, compliance and progress.

IT Governance

Data Governance

Data Maturity Assessment

One of the greatest opportunities in establishing a Data Governance program is aligning people across Departments towards delivering information together.  Our assessment yields a roadmap with an incremental delivery plan to identify cultural and process barriers to achieving well-governed data that is effectively used for decision-making.  Our experience with helping organizations embrace Data Governance makes this an efficient and useful process by identifying core issues and at the same time, establishing awareness and buy-in for the program. 


Data Governance Enablement

The Data Governance Enablement offering delivers a set of workshops with Business and IT stakeholders to align on how to govern data with agility and implement information pipelines with speed.  It includes a high-level gap analysis on technology to enable a modern data strategy.  As we take your Business and IT teams through a real use-case that will provide tangible value to the organization, we focus on developing a rhythm of work with purpose.  Our method scales from a single department to the entire organization. 

Security Governance, Risk and Compliance

Data Platform Assessment (Technology) 

Through interviews and review of existing platform artifacts, we map your core platform capabilities against our reference model and deliver an incremental strategy for modernization.  We consider your existing investments and provide guidance as to the pros and cons of any replacement decision.  We work with IT and Business Leaders as needed to facilitate discussions on the business value and impact for the proposed strategy.  The strategy work we do together provide alignment of people and process as it’s supported by the technology. 

Our team of technologists have more than 100 years of collective experience in cybersecurity and information assurance, having served the Department of Defense, international airports, State and local government agencies and more. We optimize critical business processes — including information governance – for organizations who want to protect their data, technologies and workflows. 

Cloud Migration Deep-Dive

Through our software-assisted forensic analysis of your data processing software platform, we score your technical debt and provide a tool to plan incremental migration of systems and significantly reduce the risk of migrating to the cloud.  We leverage best-of-breed technology to create a dependency model that gives you a Digital MRI of your information flows across systems.  The tool makes the uncertain certain and mitigates risk of disruption of service as you migrate your platforms into the cloud.  You’ll get a detailed roadmap for integration testing, and at the same time you’ll discover vulnerabilities in your code that needs remediation.  Taking this approach de-risks cloud migrations and gives the business confidence in your ability to deliver and modernize your infrastructure. 

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning process is used to set priorities, focus resources, ensure that all stakeholders are aligned towards common objectives, and establish a common path forward to desired results.

Business Realignment

Business realignment enables an organization to better deliver value to their customers and to better address challenges that are currently hindering their success. We assess current issues and threats to recommend solutions that increase effectiveness, value and customer satisfaction.

Program and Portfolio Management

Program and Portfolio Management is the selection, prioritization and control of an organization’s programs and projects to ensure alignment between overall strategic objectives, stakeholder priorities and focus. REVISION’s approach entails work up front to ensure clear goals and capabilities for each project and program that will link directly to the organization’s strategic success.