Business Process Improvement

Revision’s Approach to Business Process Improvement

Business Process Consulting provides consulting and training services that help clients define and improve business processes to create more efficient and effective organizations. These services can be provided as a standalone project or delivered in advance of, or coordinated with, the development of technology-based client solution.
  • Identifying and executing the right strategies

  • Making processes effective (e.g., Producing the desired or needed results)

  • Making processes adaptable (e.g., Allowing for change to meet customer and business needs)

Why Do You Need Business Process Improvement?

  • Training programs and manuals (executive or team BPI courses and continuous improvement training)
  • “As-is” process maps. We use “as-is” maps to identify issues to target for process improvement and how and where the client could use information systems to improve process efficiency and effectiveness
  • “As-is” / “To-be” process models are used to run scenarios to “model” how changes in process resources and constraints might be modified to optimize the process output
  • “To-be” process maps. These result from client/consultant team findings and recommendations for new or revised business processes. Our offerings can provide results to meet any specific customer requirement- such as provided in a particular format or standard to be used to configure a new technology implementation
  • Identification of process performance metrics
  • A continuous improvement methodology

Performance Management

REVISION’s performance management services propel organizations successfully into the future using strategic tools to ensure stakeholder alignment, effective use of resources, and thoughtful measurement of progress.

Why Do You Need Performance Management?

  • Your organization is not achieving its identified strategic objectives.

  • You need a system that addresses the non-financial as well as the financial goals of the organization.

  • You have some tools, but they aren’t fully implemented

  • You want to create a benchmark that can measure improving performance.

  • You want the “next level” of organizational performance but don’t know how to get there

Revision’s Approach to Performance Management Systems

  • Recommendations regarding any lack of clarity or need to identify organizational vision, mission, and values.
  • Recommendations relating to any lack of understanding or need to better identify customer desires and expectations and deliver customer service levels.
  • A recommended high-level Balanced Scorecard framework and a straw-man template of objectives for the organization.
  • More detailed performance measures support the goals and sources of that data within the organization.
  • Development of cascading dashboards down the individual level.
  • Identifying areas in which information systems and the use of management dashboards may improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the organization.
  • Identification of a path forward for the resolution and improvement of all identified issues above.

Change Management

REVISION will be your guide to oversee and facilitate organizational realignment, addressing priorities and goals to achieve a lasting change.

REVISION offers change management solutions at both the project and organizational levels.

Why Do You Need Change Management?

  • You need to think about the future of your organization from a strategic perspective

  • Change Management brings better business outcomes and drives ROI

  • Reduce redundancy

  • Technology keeps moving, are you?

Revision’s Approach to Change Management

REVISION’s Management Consulting Services helps your organization prioritize and execute strategic projects, and achieve greater business efficiencies and effectiveness. Our consultants work with your team to formulate comprehensive business solutions designed for your organization’s key challenges.


Why Do You Need ITIL/ITSM

  • Management Of Services To Be Delivered To Customers

  • Improve Efficiency

  • Achieve Predictable Service Delivery


REVISION is well versed in the ITIL methodology, delivering value to our customers with our IT Service Management Services.