central arizona project

REVISION’s work with the Central Arizona Project (CAP), Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD) includes implementing an Enterprise Analytics and Information Management program. This effort is enabling the CAP, CAWCD organization to realize a vision of a data-driven decision-making culture and environment.  

The program implementation includes the following: 

  • A clear EAIM strategy that addresses the executive sponsors’ objectives, business needs and priorities, desired outcomes, and technical and user adoption requirements.
  • A holistic view of the business, technical, and organizational aspects of the data lifecycle at CAWCD.
  • Defining CAWCD’s EAIM/Data Governance framework, charter and plan for implementation.
  • Designing and implementation of an architectural design and cloud infrastructure, that will meet CAWCD’s immediate needs and allow for future sustainable scalability.
  • Developing an actionable 5-year EAIM roadmap that will demonstrate the desired outcome(s) for each specified milestone of this transformational journey.