REVISION Welcomes Taber West to the Board of Advisors!

News and Announcements

Taber West is joining REVISION as our new Chief Technology Architect. 

As a Member of the Board of Advisors and Chief Technology Architect, Mr. West provides expertise, architecture, and solutions in technology transformation, enterprise systems, cybersecurity, cloud, and network assessments. He skillfully delivers remediation and ongoing innovation services for clients in the public sector and commercial space. 

Mr. West comes to REVISION with 33 years of experience under his belt. Alongside his already exceptional work at REVISION, Mr. West has been a member of the board of advisors at Bradsworth Digital Solutions, Inc for over 3 years. He has previously served as a CTO for Catapult Solutions Group and DXC Technologies. In addition, he has held the role of CEO at Tek Advisory Group for over 2 years where he worked on advanced technical design, architecture, consulting, and advisory. Lastly, he has spent the last year at Accenture’s Market Maker’s group to solution and architect complex strategic deals for large clients. 

For 33 years I have been guiding companies and government agencies in utilizing and developing technology across a broad spectrum. I am now partnering with Revision to bring remote operations, advanced networking, and cybersecurity to all clients, commercial and public sector. I bring clients to the state of the art in remote computing and business operations, then help them stay there. Revision has the qualifications, past performance, and operational excellence, to make this happen.

– Taber West, Chief Technology Architect at REVISION

Mr. West has teamed up with Revision Inc to deliver Managed IT Services at scale that solve real world client problems. Revision has a stellar track record over many years of delivering rock solid solutions to their clients, and he is adding 33 years of leadership, engineering, architecture, and large deal solutioning skills to REVISION’s capabilities.